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::  Office Staff  ::  

Principal ::  Josh Bryan
Principal Josh Bryan
Head Secretary  ::  Lori Cook       
Head Secretaray
Secretary II and Attendance  ::  Bethany Bareksten
Attendance & Secretary II


::  Counseling Department  ::  

Lise Freeman, MSW, LCSW        
Laurie Williams, MS                                                                                        Counselor -Williams
Sarah Fitts, MSW, CADC1 Family Resource Coordinator     


::  Grant & Internship  Coordination  :: 

Tasha Bell - Grant Coordinator/Internships
Grant Coordinator


  ::  Teaching Staff  :: 

Allison Winningstad  ::  Language Arts Department
Language Arts


Sarah Tolstrup  ::  Language Arts Department 
Language Arts


Dillon Daniel-Hoffman  ::  Math Department           
Math Department 1


Matt Schulfer  ::  Math Department


David Jones  ::  Social Studies Department


Ashley Keller  ::  Social Studies Dept., State Testing Coordinator
Social Studies 2


Bethany Taft  ::  Science Department
Science 1


Jonathan Neumann  ::  Science Deprtment


Reneca Bauer  ::  Physical Education, Student Support
PE/Student Support 1


DeShawn McKenzie  ::  Physical Ed, SPED Support
PE/Student Support/SPED Support


Edward Evans  ::  SPED Department                                                       SPED Department


Andrew Eby  ::  Behavior Specialist


Michael Kelleher  ::  Learning Strategies Program
Learning Strategies



Heather Longfellow  ::  Art Department   


Christina Fast  ::  Academic Prep grades 9 & 10   
Academic Prep


Dawn Jacobs  ::  Academic Prep grades 11&12 & Senior Project
Academic Prep/Senior Project


Jami Frisius  ::  Student Support & U-Turn Room
U-Turn room


Shuttle Driver/Library

Marilyn Womack  ::  Shuttle Driver, Library
Driver & Librarian


Building Maintenance/Custodial

John Jones  ::  Custodian