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Programs and Classes


Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to earn OCSLA and Clackamas Community College credit by interning at a local business or organization each Friday. Interning students will work with a mentor to find an internship that fits their interests and acquire the skills necessary to succeed in their internship placement. Internships are geared towards assisting students with work place skills and the earning of community college credit. For additional question about internships, please contact Kerry Alford or Dawn Jacobs. Internship credits are required for graduation.

Leadership Class

OCSLA Leadership is a team of students who meet once a week to work on student selected projects throughout the school.  Projects are focused on improving the school through fun activities and advocating for the things that students need.  The team acts as representatives of the student body and communicates with school staff and administration.  These are the students we call on first to help with projects and represent OCSLA.

Students who demonstrate a desire to represent, lead and advocate for their peers are nominated to the team by school staff.  The team searches for students who are welcoming of all people, responsible and willing to work hard to improve OCSLA.  

“Leadership team isn’t just about making changes in the school, it’s about giving voice to the students and making OCSLA a place we want to be”
-Sophomore Leadership Student Hayley Gray 

Learning Strategies Program

The Learning Strategies program was created to work with three distinct groups of students:

  1. 4th and 5th year seniors nearing their high school graduation
  2. Credit-deficient students needing additional academic support and intensive academic intervention
  3. Students requiring a non-traditional school schedule

The structure of the program is a small, quiet, and intensive academic environment meant to maximize student learning.  The program attempts to create and instill academic learning strategies, in tandem with the student, that work to eliminate factors that have previously inhibited academic success (chronic absenteeism, poor classroom work habits, etc.)  The program focuses heavily on educating students regarding their current academic standing, teaching them how to read and comprehend their district transcript, and what is necessary to fulfill their graduation requirements. The program also works to create a schedule, with parent, teacher, counselor, and student input, that best fits the needs of the student.

Service Learning Program

Freshmen and sophomore students spend Fridays engaged in service learning. This includes career exploration, community service, and community outreach, in the form of field trips, guest speakers, service projects and assignments. It is designed to expose students to a wide range of career paths so they can make an informed internship decision when they reach their junior year.

Special Education

Student Support Program

The student support program was created out of a desire to better serve our students who benefit from additional time and small group instruction (4-5 students). Teachers help students complete core class assignments and be successful in making progress towards graduation.  The student support teachers track student's progress in their classes and help students prioritize and complete assignments.  Student support teachers communicate with staff regarding students' progress on their assignments.